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New release of the Adobe Creative Cloud connector

We’ve released a new version of the Adobe Creative Cloud connector, which connects THRON to the tools most widely used by creators: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign.



The connectors for every phase of the digital asset lifecycle

Our DAM Platform manages every phase of assets’ lifecycle.

At the same time, the THRON connectors support the creation (by integrating with creative suites), distribution (by connecting the DAM Platform to CMS and e-commerce packages) and analysis (by dialoguing with CRM systems) of digital assets.


The Adobe Creative Cloud connector

The THRON native Adobe Creative Cloud connector supports the extremely quick creation of new digital assets.

Graphic artists and creators can design and create catalogues, fliers and brochures using the approved, up-to-date contents in the THRON DAM Platform without ever leaving the suite.

This means there will be no duplications, since there is no need to download contents from the hub to reprocess them within the Adobe tools.

Thanks to a dedicated plug-in, directly from Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator users can:

  • rapidly access assets in the archive
  • search in and browse the THRON folders to which they have access rights
  • use the assets in the projects they are working on.

The latest updates to the Adobe Creative Cloud connector

In the last few weeks we’ve released a new version of our Adobe Creative Cloud connector, to make creators’ job even easier and more efficient.

Specifically, with the new release you can now also:

  • upload and update contents and projects in THRON directly from Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. If the original content is uploaded from a folder on your PC, it will be saved in THRON as a new content; if you are working on a content already present in THRON, it will be updated automatically and a new version of the asset will be created
  • modify the name and description of contents directly from the creative suite
  • filter THRON contents by tag directly from the Adobe tools
  • thanks to a dedicated panel, rapidly display the THRON contents being used in any given project
  • access and use THRON contents from Adobe InDesign.

The aim of these updates is to make the work of creators, designers and everyone who creates digital contents for brands that choose THRON even more independent and efficient.




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