How to organise and carry out a photoshoot: from guidelines to monitoring the work

Where do you start when you want to reduce working times and maximise the performance of the team responsible for product photoshoots? For us at THRON, the first step step is to involve everybody in the correct manner so that they can all carry out their activities quickly and flexibly.


After reading this article, you will know how to:
Create a job in just a few clicks and quickly share the brief with the entire team
> Rapidly bring all parties involved into alignment and centralise all their work
> Monitor the work of each photographer and post-producer.


Setting up the job: professionals, timeframes, guidelines and products

Using a single platform allows you to bring the entire team into alignment right from the beginning of the job, including photographers and post-producers, providing the necessary information and shot guidelines right from the get-go. And while the job continues, you can manage and monitor all activities and the various phases, without getting lost amongst dozens of tools.

With THRON PHOTOSHOOTING, right from the beginning of the job you can can share useful details and instructions with the team, such as:

  • The people involved (producers, photographers and post-producers);
  • Details about the shots to be taken (e.g. front-on, side, close-up, setting etc.);
  • The naming convention for the files
  • The list of products to be shot, complete with codes.


The team

When you create a new job in THRON PHOTOSHOOTING, the first thing you have to do is assign the activities and specify the producers, photographers and post-producers involved in the project. This will allow you to monitor the shooting process right from the very beginning, and at the same time:

  • Search for or filter jobs by photographer or post-producer name,
  • Always keep track of the progress of everyone’s work, obtaining an initial indicator of productivity right away.

What’s more, when each person logs onto the platform they will see only the jobs they are involved in, allowing you to protect the confidentiality of your work, if necessary.


The brief

In this phase you can also share the detailed brief of the job with the employees and contractors involved: you can attach any type of content and the guidelines for the shots, the lights and the other equipment for the set, as well as instructions for the models. Sharing the brief within the job will allow you to save time and optimise the initial phases of the job; these materials will always be available.

Click here to download an example brief for creating e-commerce shots.

Set guidelines

The naming convention

In this phase you can also immediately specify the naming convention used by your company to rename the shots: if a shot is uploaded with an incorrect name, you will immediately receive an alert. At this point you can create your shooting list in just a few clicks.

Settare la naming convention

The shooting list

Filter by characteristics, search by code or directly enter a list of product codes to select the products directly from your THRON database. The photographers will be able to upload the shots directly to the section for the corresponding product, saving you time.

Aggiungere i prodotti da fotografare


Once the jobs have been created and the work started, you will be able to keep track of everything at all times and monitor each person’s work. You will, indeed, have a general overview of the status of all open jobs, and can then go into greater detail to see how each individual project is proceeding and view which shots have already been published and which are still being worked on for each product.

In addition, thanks to the reports section you will always know what pace your work is proceeding at.



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