How to manage a product shoot in three steps with THRON PHOTOSHOOTING

Let’s do a quick calculation: how many hours and how many staff resources do you dedicate to organising a photoshoot for your e-commerce site? If the answer is “more than I’d like”, then keep reading.

What will you know how to do after reading this article?
>  Centralise all activities connected with organising and managing product photoshoots
>  Maximise the efficiency of your team, eliminating repetitive and time-consuming activities
>  Monitor the progress il progresso of each activity and ensure deadlines are not missed
>  Gather useful data on the performance of the content and maximise productivity.


Manage a product shoot in three steps

Organising a product shoot, managing the different phases from sharing the brief through to publishing the final photos, creating a harmonious workflow within the team, can be complex: the risk of mistakes, as well as missing the deadline, is hiding just around the corner. In order to maximise the productivity of the photographers, post producers and all the other members of the team, you need tools which will allow you to manage the product photoshoots in a complete and integrated manner, reducing repetitive activities (and therefore wasted time) and monitoring activities and progress, as well as eliminating inefficiencies.

So what are the three key steps that every photoshoot must follow so that you can be sure the process will run smoothly and efficiently?

        1. Have approved shots automatically all product information.
        2. Publish the photos directly on any final channel, from the e-commerce site to the hardcopy catalogue.
        3. Measure the performance of the product photoshoots published on your channels.

All this is possible with a single solution. THRON PHOTOSHOOTING is the ideal solution to manage the product shoots for your e-commerce site, B2B portal or catalogue, because:

  • It simplifies your work: the platform is highly intuitive and shared by all parties involved in order to centralise all activities and work on a single tool.
  • It saves you time: maximise your performance by automating activities which would otherwise be repetitive (and time consuming).
  • It saves you resources: you won’t need anything else because you can manage the entire process from a single platform, from the job definition through to the final publication.
  • It eliminates duplicates: the people involved work only on the latest version of the product photos and, once approved, you can publish them on any channel, from the e-commerce platform and B2B portal right through to paper catalogues, all directly from THRON. No duplicates, no risk of publishing incorrect content in your catalogue.

THRON PHOTOSHOOTING not only centralises all activities linked to the organisation and management of photoshoots, but also allows you to manage the entire lifecycle of the product shots, eliminating any duplicates and risk of error. Thanks to the automatic enhancement with metadata and direct publication on the final channels, you can be sure that your product catalogue will always use the correct and most up-to-date version of every photo. With THRON PHOTOSHOOTING you can centralise your activities, maximise company performance and eliminate duplicates, transforming the workflow into a harmonious and streamlined chain.

1. Create the jobs and share the brief with the team.
2. Receive the shots directly on the platform.
3. Add notes and comments to the photos, and if they are ok, approve them with a single click.
4. Automatically enhance the photos with product information.
5. Publish the shots on the e-commerce site and quickly create your catalogues.
6. Gather insights on the product photos and measure their ROI.



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