Everything you need to know about Digital Asset Management

Digital content is the real asset of every company.
DAM, or Digital Asset Management, is a centralised archive which companies can make use of to archive and manage their content, i.e. images, documents, audio, video and any other type of file.

What makes THRON a DAM PLATFORM is its ability to share digital assets and product information on any touchpoint directly from the platform.

It will thus be possible to use the same content on all corporate channels, without the need to create multiple versions and without having to copy it to the media libraries of other systems, thus eliminating any duplication. This aspect permits not only efficiency in operating terms, but also allows companies to maintain control over their information.

In recent years the volume of digital content has grown exponentially, and according to some research, over 30% of content that people are required to manage during their working days is composed of multimedia assets. For this reason, a system able to efficiently manage digital assets can lead to better use of time at work, and consequently an increase in overall productivity. Moreover, the possibility to keep track of all modifications made to the content, with visibility of the author of these changes as well, also allows for more agile and efficient workflows.


With a Digital Asset Management PLATFORM it is possible to organise and classify the entire library of digital content.


In this way you can optimize the use of content, thus reducing production costs. If the Digital Asset Management is the foundation on which you can build your company's entire strategy, it is essential that it can be easily integrated with other systems and applications.

In order to set up a single, accurate source of corporate assets and information on which to base the company’s digital strategy, Digital Asset Management must communicate simply and without obstacles with the other systems and applications present in the company, in order to speed up and automate the workflows and create an agile, streamlined and perfectly integrated digital ecosystem. A DAM PLATFORM is not only essential for management and internal consultation of content, but also for sharing any type of assets in a consistent and secure manner with customers, contractors, partners and other third parties. In all these cases, the system’s security, robustness and speed are key.

The research company Forrester included THRON among the best DAM platforms in the world, in virtue of its ability to meet three key requirements: cloud compatibility, ease of integration and its analytics offering.

You can download the Forrester Vendor Landscape report here.



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