Alphabetical sorting

Scroll through the titles and find what you need at a glance!

Do you need some files for a project, but locating them within folders is still not so immediate? You filtered your assets but you are still not able to find that particular content with a click?

Now you can display them in alphabetical order: finding what you need will be much more easy, fast and intuitive!

How can this way of displaying content help you day by day? 

  • You have used the search filters but are not able to find the content you need. Alphabetical order helps you increasing the effectiveness of the retrieval operations through a more intuitive sorting of content.
  • You need a content but the folder where it is saved contains dozens of files. Stop wasting time exploring folders: scroll the titles and find the content you want at a glance.
  • You need to find assets whose titles begin with consecutive prefixes or codes. Thanks to alphabetical sorting, you will find them one after the other and quickly check if all the content you need have been uploaded.
  • You have to publish a set of content on external channels or share them with other people: alphabetical sorting makes multiple selection even more easy and intuitive!

How does it work?

Go to the content view settings, just below the search bar and click on "Title: A to Z" or on "Title: Z to A".

THRON will sort your content from A to Z or vice versa, according to the content title.Content titles are reordered according to the language set as preferred within user preferences.



Q&A Time: Alphabetical sorting

In case of multiple language content, how does the sorting work?

In case your assets have multiple language titles, the content list will be alphabetically ordered according to:

  • the preferred language, for those content which have been enriched with a title in the preferred language;
  • another language among the default ones in the system preferences, for those assets which have not been enriched with a title in primary language.
    Example: Preferred language: English (EN)
    Active languages in the system preferences: English (EN), Italian (IT)
    Content 1: (EN) Get ready to the Phygital Era, (IT) Prepararsi all’Era Phygital
    Content 2: (EN) Salesforce Commerce Cloud Connector is here!, (IT) Salesforce Commerce Cloud: il connettore è disponibile!
    Content 3: (EN) /, (IT) Calendario novità 2021
    Risultato (ordinato dalla A alla Z per EN)
    Contenuto 3: (IT) Calendario novità 2021
    Contenuto 1: (EN) Get ready for the Phygital Era
    Contenuto 2: (EN) Salesforce Commerce Cloud Connector is here!!

Remember: active languages can be set from the section “Platform settings” by platform administrator only.

Can I sort my content alphabetically if I did a text search?

Non è possibile riordinare i contenuti in ordine alfabetico It is not possible to sort assets alphabetically after a text search. As a matter of fact, the result of a text search is a list of content ordered by significance according to the keyword used. Once sorted alphabetically, these assets would lose the order by significance, actually cancelling the effects of text search.

Can I sort alphabetically a set of content that is the result of a filtering option?

Yes, you can filter assets and then order them alphabetically in order to quickly find what you are looking for. Alphabetical sorting works also if you are using a filter combination saved as favorite.

For which THRON solutions is alphabetical sorting active?

Content alphabetical sorting is available for THRON DAM Platform and THRON Workflow.



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